Rachel von Niederhausern Bio

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I am so glad you are here. My life’s mission is to help others come home to their own body and heart in simple and easy ways. Through my own journey I have witnessed the media and so called “experts” trying to persuade us what we should be doing and eating, leading the American population and now even the global population into more sickness, obesity, numbness, and depression. From the soil up, their messages have removed precious and vital nutrients of body and heart from each of us. The message we want to spread is that the wellness our divine creator intended for all is simple and available to you, no matter who you are or where you are at in your journey. I am collaborating with other mothers, experts, and leaders to share education and simple practices such as fueling our bodies with plant-based nutrition, simple exercise, and tools of meditation, and connecting from the heart. My husband and I, along with our 6 children, have adopted these principles and we are experiencing a vibrant, connected life, for which my heart is deeply grateful.


My main experience and expertise comes from the school of hard knocks, from being diagnosed with IBS 20 years ago when no one else around me had even heard of that, when grocery stores did not carry alternative products, and meditation was a thing rarely talked about and only practiced by a few yoginis and hippies I knew. My other experience comes from an MBA degree, a RYT-500 Yoga Teacher and 500 Hour Clinical Yoga Practitioner certificate, doula training, and extensive travel doing humanitarian work where I witness poverty and oppression. My experiences and training have led me to observe the poverty of body, heart going on in the United States, and I want to try to help do something about it. I express deep honor and gratitude to my God and to my mentors who over the years have taught me truths about healing, wellness and abundance. They have passed on passion and knowledge about different aspects of health and wellness that I now want the Healing Homestead team to share with the world.


I can’t wait to meet you, to gather with you, and to experience this journey of wholeness and healing together.